mathematically perfected economy™ (MPE™)    1  :   the singular integral solution of  1) inflation and deflation,  2) systemic manipulation of the cost or value of money or property, and  3) inherent, artificial multiplication of debt into terminal systemic failure;    2  :  every prospective debtor's right to issue legitimate promises to pay, free of extrinsic manipulation, adulteration, or exploitation of those promises, or the natural opportunity to make good on them;    3  :  our right to certify, to enforce, and to monetize industry and commerce by this one sustaining and truly economic process.

MORPHALLAXIS, January 14, 1979.

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 Post subject: Colonial Script and MPE
PostPosted: 12 Mar 2010, 1:01 pm 

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In the 1750s, the Colonies were very prosperous. There was no income tax, no unemployment, and stable prices. Benjamin Franklin was asked to explain this prosperity to leaders back in England, “That is simple. In the Colonies we issue our own money. It is called Colonial Script. We issue it in proper proportion to the demands of trade and industry to make the products pass easily from the producers to the consumers. In this manner, creating for ourselves our own paper money, we control its purchasing power, and we have no interest to pay to no one” From my study of the two systems, MPE and colonial script, they are basically the same thing. Fiat money issued by the government created without interest and issued at no interest, or in the case of colonial script very low interest... the low interest charged was what the colonies used to build their civilization, since they didn't charge income tax, in essence it was a tax... remember this true form of economy never failed... the currency was outlawed by the English, under pressure from the privately owned Bank of England... and thus was the main reason for the American Revolution ... In the words of Franklin,“The colonies would gladly have borne the little tax on tea and other matters had it not been for the poverty caused by the bad influence of English bankers on the parliament which has caused, in the colonies, hatred of England and the revolutionary war". So, I'm just wondering how you can trademark and claim ownership of an idea that's been around a long time, especially since in your videos you imply that everyone with an idea on how to fix the economy is stealing from you... when others have identified it before you... I figured out prior to finding your website that interest is the problem through studying history... you identified the problem through math... and in reality many men before either of us did the same... It was the basis of why this country was founded... To try and claim that you are the only person who has really identified the problem and claim that you own the solution, to be honest, turns me off a little and kind of makes me question your motives... I just want to add that I am very appreciative for your work, and I sincerely hope that we can work together in the future, for you have shown that you are a brilliant man... I just have to call it like I see it... 'cause that's who I am... thanks...

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While 12,000 homes a day continue to go into foreclosure, mathematically perfected economy™ would re-finance a $100,000 home with a hundred-year lifespan at the overall rate of $1,000 per year or $83.33 per month. Without costing us anything, we would immediately become as much as 12 times as liquid on present revenue. Transitioning to MPE™ would apply all payments already made against existent debt toward principal. Many of us would be debt free. There would be no housing crisis, no credit crisis. Unlimited funding would immediately be available to sustain all the industry we are capable of.

There is no other solution. Regulation can only temper an inherently terminal process.

If you are not promoting mathematically perfected economy™, then you condemn us to monetary failure.

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