mathematically perfected economy™ (MPE™)    1  :   the singular integral solution of  1) inflation and deflation,  2) systemic manipulation of the cost or value of money or property, and  3) inherent, artificial multiplication of debt into terminal systemic failure;    2  :  every prospective debtor's right to issue legitimate promises to pay, free of extrinsic manipulation, adulteration, or exploitation of those promises, or the natural opportunity to make good on them;    3  :  our right to certify, to enforce, and to monetize industry and commerce by this one sustaining and truly economic process.

MORPHALLAXIS, January 14, 1979.

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 Post subject: Sesame Street's Cookie Monster is Bernard Madoff
PostPosted: 19 Mar 2009, 1:35 pm 

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Sesame Street Explains the Madoff Scandal
Cookie Monster is Bernie Madoff

How did gold perform in reaction to Bernanke’s announcement? A monstrous & almost immediate rise of about $60 per ounce. The gold cartel GATA has shined a light on must of had its hands full today. This is all the more ominous because gold is not just a commodity or portfolio asset but a currency which, through tools like GoldMoney, can be used in ordinary daily transactions. Because silver is also money; the chronic silver backwardation is equally if not more ominous.

I have long asserted that the FRN$ will be the last major fiat currency to evaporate in the great credit contraction and that gold will still be there when the next credit expansion begins. This misguided action by Mr. Bernanke will only hasten the rate of evaporation. The great credit contraction has just begun and in the aggregate capital will continue moving down, not up, the liquidity pyramid.

Images Source:http://www.runtogold.com

Imperative need to know!
Jim Sinclair wrote:
Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Back door or front door, no matter what it is getting bailed out which will lead to hyperinflation.
It must be obvious to you now that there will be no limit to bailouts short of a new revolution in the USA. (Do not riot - DO NOT - for this is what the Status Quo needs in order to keep on surviving, ms) Parts makers are surging on the stock exchange because they are broke & getting bailed out to go broke again. It should also be obvious to you that when I sent you an email titled "This is It," it was in fact "It." I do not send emails unless there is large interest & the content is need to know.

No Comment Here, but please You be the Judge!

Images Source:http://www.creditcontraction.com

Perfect economy why is it so imperative to see, learn & implement - Now on YouTube - 150 minutes of pure sense.

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While 12,000 homes a day continue to go into foreclosure, mathematically perfected economy™ would re-finance a $100,000 home with a hundred-year lifespan at the overall rate of $1,000 per year or $83.33 per month. Without costing us anything, we would immediately become as much as 12 times as liquid on present revenue. Transitioning to MPE™ would apply all payments already made against existent debt toward principal. Many of us would be debt free. There would be no housing crisis, no credit crisis. Unlimited funding would immediately be available to sustain all the industry we are capable of.

There is no other solution. Regulation can only temper an inherently terminal process.

If you are not promoting mathematically perfected economy™, then you condemn us to monetary failure.

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