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 Post subject: Good news on the long-term ECONOMIC STIMULUS front!
PostPosted: 06 Oct 2009, 8:17 pm 

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The biggest problem in America today is our suicidal monetary regime. And niether of our two political parties seeks needed change.

That's the bad news.

But that's not the end of the bad news:

Only one of our two political parties, the Democrats, is willing
to provide REAL, objectively-valid stimulus.

Optimal stimulus? Certanly not! Valid? You bet it is.

Republicans, in contrast, simply give tax-cuts to people who sit
on their money -- They raid the people's collective cookie jar
and give ALL the cookies to their mega-wealthy friends.

And that is NOT what Republican v-o-t-e-r-s want!

Well, that might be about to change.

On page B2 -- B2! -- of the Saturday, October 3, 2009 edition of
the Cleveland Plain Dealer, appears an article entitled

"Candidate Ganley sites experience"

I will reproduce this for you IN FULL.

"AKRON -- Tom Ganley, who heads the largest car dealership in Ohio,
told a gathering of the Akron Press Club on Thursday that Washington needs more businesspeople like him who bring a
'practicle, pragmatic and businesslike experience.'"

"Ganley, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate seat being
vacated by George Voinavich, said lawyers and career polititions just don't have the right background."

"'We need some leaders in Washington who actually understand what it means to manage a budget...what it means to hire people and meet a payroll and what is required to build a business plan that will work,' said the president and chief executive officer of the Ganley
Automotive Group, headquartered in Cleveland."

"Ganley said that business plans should not only adress present
issues but also look five to 10 years down the road."

"Ganley has 32 dealerships in Ohio and has investments in a finance
company, insurance company and real estate."

"He said that Washington needs to take the lead in creating jobs by
giving [CONDITIONAL!] tax incentives to small businesses."

"'This is where most of our new jobs come from, small businesses.
I know about small businesses. I've been running them all my life,'
he said, citing 41 years of experience. 'I want to go to Washington
with my experience because I know it's the kind of experience that
is necessary to solve the economic problems.'"

"BUT HE OPPOSES BAILOUT PROGRAMS. 'Why should we reward poor management?'"
[CAPS mine]

"Ganley's philosophy on how to create jobs is to offer [CONDITIONAL!] incentives across the board, from beauty shops and
pizza shops to General Electric and IBM."

"He favors a [CONDITIONAL!] $5,000 tax credit to businesses for each job created and a [CONDITIONAL!] $10,000 tax credit for every
job a company brings back from outsourcing to other countries."

"The plan, Ganley said, would encourage companies to stay in the
United States."

"'I take jobs personally,' he said. 'I had to lay off 25 percent of my work force because of the economy. It was hard, especially when you have someone like a 27-year employee who was a grandmother raising her three grandchildren.'"

"He said the 'Cash for Clunkers' program did stimulate the economy
and predicts the auto industry will bounce back in another year-and-
a-half. Thr country will follow within two years."

"Ganley describes himself as a fiscal conservative who has never run
for office before but is willing to go to Washington."

"'I believe our country is at one of those crucial moments when we
must decide what direction is best for us.'"

[CAPS mine]

"'I was told 'Thanks, but no thanks' for running. I was asked to
step aside, because there is a pecking order. I am not in favor of a
pecking order.'"

"Former U.S. Rep. Rob Portman is the other Republican candidate in
the May primary. Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner and
Lt. Governor Lee Fisher will face off in the Democratic primary."

"All of the candidates are expected to appear before the Akron Press
Club over the next two months."

Now that's EXACTLY the kind of CONDITIONAL! stimulus that I would
expect to hear proposed by your typical Republican V-O-T-E-R.

And that's the kind of Republican that I can vote for!

Prediction 1 of 2: Ganley's opponent will recieve record amounts
of out-of-state campaign contributions.

Prediction 2 of 2: If Ganley wins the Republican primary, then he
will recieve ZERO out of state contributions.

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