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 Post subject: Goldman Sachs ...manipulate markets in unfair ways?
PostPosted: 09 Jul 2009, 9:35 am 

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The bank [GS] has warned [the code] could be used to "manipulate markets in unfair ways."

This is exactly for what Goldman Sachs created this software - to manipulate markets!

cnbc wrote:
If the stolen information, or trading code, is allowed to go to a competitor who can start trading with it, "the bank itself stands lose its entire investment in creating this software to begin with, which is millions upon millions of dollars," warned U.S. prosecutor Joseph Facciponte, according to a transcript of Saturday's proceeding.

He added that because of the way this software interfaces with the various markets and exchanges, the bank has warned it could be used to "manipulate markets in unfair ways." The FBI in New York said on Tuesday that measures had been taken to prevent code being sent from the server in Germany.

"Working through our assistant legal attache in Frankfurt and with the authorities in Germany, the FBI has taken steps to ensure that the appropriated code was not distributed," FBI spokesman Jim Margolin said.

Sergey Aleynikov, 39, who left Goldman on June 5 for a Chicago firm and was arrested last Friday night, gave consent to the FBI to visit his home in Little Falls, New Jersey, over the weekend and remove all of his personal computers, according to court documents.

They show that Aleynikov, a father of three and a dual national of the United States and Russia, told the FBI he was cooperating because "I did not think I was doing anything wrong" when he downloaded copies to his personal computer, laptop and to a flash drive.

He told investigators that Goldman Sachs knew he worked on the program from home and said nothing about it previously, according to the court record.

Aleynikov said he had no intention of selling the information or breaking his employment agreement. Aleynikov was arrested at Newark Liberty airport in New Jersey on a flight from Chicago on July 3. On Monday, he was released on $750,000 bail, restricted to New York and New Jersey and ordered to surrender travel documents.

Goldman Sachs has declined to comment on the case. A source familiar with the situation said on Monday that the bank had seen no impact on clients or business.

Full text at the source:http://www.cnbc.com/id/31783285

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